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Foot Spa’s are used to relax the muscles and tendons  in the feet,

Foot Spa’s and foot baths have become popular over the last few years, the jetted foot spa’s are know to increase circulation and relieve tension in the feet, some reflexology use a foot bath before treatment to cleanse and relax the feet.

A Foot Spa’s can be relaxing ,however a bucket of warm water with some nice peppermint oil can be just as effective.

Step By Step:

-Soak feet in warm water and essential oil (peppermint is good one)

-Remove one foot at time and use a pumice stone or Pedi shaver to remove dead skin on heel, do other foot.

-Use foot scrub and scrub foot and ankle area.

-Soak again.

-Dry well.

-Moisturize, massage the cream in to feet and ankles.

-Beautiful feet, very relaxing……ahhhhhh


soak it off fingertips

This treatment includes filing and shaping of the nails, soak off, cuticle work, exfoliation treatment, a nourishing and massage, finish off polish color of your choice or finish off hydrating nail oil give your finger nail / toe nail a healthy natural look.


A brief history of nail extensions

Whilst nail extensions may seem like a fairly modern development, women have been attempting to add artificial length to their talons since the Ancient Egyptian times.

During this period, long nails were considered to be a sign of wealth and status in both Egypt and various other cultures (notably Asian cultures), and extensions were crafted out of materials that were only available to the rich such as ivory, bone and gold.

Since then, artificial nails have evolved considerably with nail extensions as we know them today first being invented bizarrely by a dentist.

In 1954, dentist Fred Slack broke a fingernail at work and in a bid to disguise it, he invented the very first artificial nail out of materials usually used to rebuild and strengthen teeth. After his makeshift discovery actually proved extremely successful, he and his brother Tom further developed the concept, patented a successful version and started the company Patti Nails.

Today, there are multiple nail extension and overlay techniques and services available for those who wish to enhance the appearance and strength of their natural nails- though all are still based upon Fred Slacks original concept.


After around 2-3 weeks you may need to return to your technician or salon for a maintenance appointment or infill’s.

The infill process will generally involve your technician filing out the re-growth area flush to the nail so that product (the relevant gel or acrylic system) can be reapplied, filed, buffed, coated and oiled so that the nails look as good as new once again.

Please note, if you have had gel nails applied, bear in mind that some systems are not suitable for infill’s and will have to be removed completely and reapplied.